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About Urban Sanctuary

Edmonton SkylineDowntown-Skyline-Edmonton-Alberta-Canada-01A" by WinterE229 (WinterforceMedia) - Own work. Licensed under CC0via Wikimedia Commons.

Urban Sanctuary is both urban, meaning that we are situated within the city of Edmonton, and it is a place where you can find space to think, pray, journal and talk with those who are further along in the journey to know God.

We believe in honesty so you should know that we are evangelical Christians who place ourselves under the authority of Jesus, in both the living and written Word, and believe that the incarnation, death and resurrection of Christ form the framework for every Christian’s life. These were not only events in Christ’s life that repair the damage sin has caused in our relationship with God but are also the way forward through repentance to a transformed life. We believe that it is possible to live a holy life through the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit.

The spiritual disciplines are an important part of the process and we can help you learn the disciplines that will help you become like Christ. Those disciplines may be different for each person so we believe in personal coaching and support in the journey.