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Our Stories: Telling and Listening

In this retreat we desire it to be very experiential. We will model for you a very reproducible way for you to help people to share more of their personal stories with each other.

We each prepare a spiritual autobiography that you can verbally share in 15 minutes. Each participant will be given time to tell their story. The group will learn to listen intently without fixing or giving advice. You may use pictures or special items in telling your story or even read it if you would find that easier. There is a time keeper and moderator so that things keep moving. People can overview their entire story or just even a small part of their story.

Listening well to one another is perhaps one of the best gifts we can give to our family and friends. It is hard work. So the object of this exercise to help each of us to really feel listened to and therefore cared for. It is amazing the level of sharing that can happen in a short period of time from strangers.

“I have been heard.” During this retreat we focused on how to give the gift of being heard to
others. There are so many areas of my life that I can give this gift.
- Retreatant

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