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Thank you for visiting our Office Prayers Page

As we start a new year, we encourage you to use our lectio readings and prayers on this page. If you miss a day you don't need to worry about the date but just keep going on to the next one that you have not done yet. Remember not to travel down the road of guilt. God loves it that you are even trying this. We are in this together - we will keep updating the page. You can let Len know if the lectio samples or the videos are helpful by dropping him a line at . God bless you as you meet Him in Scripture!

Lectio John 3

Lectio.John3.Day15 Lectio.John3.Day15

Lectio.John3.Day16 Lectio.John3.Day16

Lectio.John3.Day17 Lectio.John3.Day17

Lectio.John3.Day18 Lectio.John3.Day18

Lectio.John3.Day19 Lectio.John3.Day19

Lectio.John3.Day20 Lectio.John3.Day20

Lectio.John3.Day21 Lectio.John3.Day21

Lectio.John3.Day22 Lectio.John3.Day22

Lectio.John3.Day23 Lectio.John3.Day23

Lectio.John3.Day24 Lectio.John3.Day24

Lectio.John3.Day25 Lectio.John3.Day25

Lectio.John3.Day26 Lectio.John3.Day26

Lectio.John3.Day27 Lectio.John3.Day27

Lectio.John3.Day28 Lectio.John3.Day28