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Spiritual Directors

What do spiritual directors do?

Spiritual Direction is available for those seeking an experienced companion on their spiritual journey. By using their own experience and understanding of the process the Spiritual Director serves to point out the landmarks or various points at which the soul arrives on the road to inner transformation.

Spiritual Directors walk with a person by drawing attention to the work of God in their life.

Spiritual direction helps focus the internal world in a way that will allow one to listen to God. Although God never duplicates the spiritual journey, there are some common elements that often surface. Usually the journey takes a person through the tasks of knowing and interacting deeply with God, with the people in their community, with themselves and with their calling.

It is often overwhelming to walk this journey alone and it is helpful, if not essential, to have someone walk with you – someone who has walked further down the path. A Spiritual Director guides you through some of those complicated pathways. If you have been looking for someone to walk with as you intentionally press towards spiritual maturity, call 780-477-5731.