A Christmas Wish

- posted by Len Thompson

A Wish, A Vision, for You this Christmas

                “The Word was made flesh”… that is my wish for you to experience this Christmas. Please don’t misunderstand this as a future wish because I believe and know the doctrine of that statement has already come true. Jesus came as a baby when God became man thousands of years ago. What a wonder! And that wonder can live in your heart all year.

                The wonder of words being more than syllables ringing in air but taking on flesh stuns the realm of our understanding but Jesus, the Word, the Creator, became the created.  The One who is Life and is our life becomes alive. Ponder that this season and let it sink slowly and deeply into your soul. And I wish this year that the words of Jesus will not just be loved by you but will reverberate inside your busy life, knocking out some of the clutter and make some space. I pray that His words will take on a life of their own inside your consciousness so that Jesus becomes more than an idea but will be a real person, who gets your attention with His direct instructions about discipleship. His words can take on flesh.

                Jesus has many admirers in this world who have never responded to His invitation to become disciples. A disciple will deny all desires but the wishes of Jesus.  “If you are my disciple, you will abide in me and my words will abide in you. If you are my disciple you will deny yourself to carry out the wishes of the King of Heaven. If you are my disciple, you will obey me. If you are my disciple you will follow me wherever I ask you to go. You must hate your own life compared to your life. Your devotion to me will exceed all other loves if you will be my disciple. You must let my agenda for you trump all other agendas, even the agenda of family for you.” Those are a few of Jesus’ wishes for you and it is my wish that you will accept His invitation and become a disciple in the coming year.  His words can take on your flesh.

                If that happened, then a vision that clearly shines in my heart will come true. What if dozens of Jesus’ disciples in Edmonton gave themselves to listening prayer, this coming year? What if hundreds of Jesus’ disciples memorized the things Jesus had to say and began to struggle with the idols encased in their way of life? What if thousands of Jesus’ disciples in Edmonton denied their own agendas and ceased their busyness to hear Jesus’ call to sacrifice something for Him? What if a hundred thousand disciples of Jesus in Alberta would obey even one of Jesus’  commands each day in 2014? What if a million of Jesus’ disciples in Canada (are there that many in Canada?) followed Jesus’ personal directions to them on a daily basis? Then Canada would change.

                In the vision that emanates from the deepest part of me, disciples of Jesus would deeply love each other, because that also is Jesus’ desire for His disciples. And if we love each other, the world will notice and the Canadian culture would be transformed. Jesus would draw all Canadians to Himself. Surely many would follow and become disciples while others would resist the draw and reject Him but the Word, Jesus, would have come to life. The Church, or the Body of Christ, would have taken on flesh in Canada and my joy would have no bounds.

                Well, in truth, I’d still be happy if only a dozen or so disciples would accept Jesus’ invitation and become so identified with Jesus that they indeed become His flesh. I think, even that, would transform Canada, maybe even the world. You see, when the Word became flesh, it also became possible for you and I to become like Jesus. Or at least to become His disciples.

                “Without a vision the people perish,” a wise man once said. What a great vision to guide you!  I pray that you will receive my Christmas wish and may the Word become flesh for you this Christmas.


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