Just a few thoughts on how it is going as I am working on forming my Scripture reading habit for 2015. The first day was much harder than I thought it would be. While I was looking forward to my coffee and chocolate (see the previous blog) as my reward, I found that it was much harder to get started than I had anticipated. 

There were all sorts of resistances. I was tired. I felt like I had a brain fog that I could cut with a knife. I misplaced keys and felt distracted but I did keep going. I did feel as though Jesus had something clearly to encourage me as I read about how the Pharisees planned to arrest Jesus. I felt comfort that Jesus knows that it can be hard to do what He asks us to do. That was rewarding all by itself... and the chocolate was also rewarding, too.

Today, I experienced an interruption that I did not expect. Though the building is usually empty, someone came into the chapel to chat while I was almost finished my reading. That was OK once I realized that this might be important in God's calendar so we had some more coffee and I am developing a deeper friendship with someone I hardly know. But I missed my chocolate! I will get over it. I did learn that I will need to adjust some things. I will shut the door to the chapel when I think I need devoted time with God. I am also learning that the chapel's furniture may greatly enhance my time with God - I knelt as I read Scripture in a mood of reverence. This is a new thing for me. 

Maybe of greater importance is that I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Reading the passage out of the ornate Bible and using the kneeling bench really appeals to me. I am looking forward to being focussed on prayer and talking to God about what is in the passage. And I think He will surprise me with something. Nothing so far has gone as I expected but I feel more and more determined to keep going.

If you are thinking about trying to develop the habit of reading Scripture, don't be surprised that you will experience a whole lot of things that will require some adjustments.Even if the problems you encounter keep you from reading, try to learn something that you can adjust and know that God is thrilled that you are even attempting to draw close to him though reading the Bible. You can eat an extra chocolate, if it helps motivate you. I have an extra one!  Hope you like virtual chocolates!

Oh, by the way, did you notice the videos about reading Scripture on the prayers tab and the classes tab. Feel free to watch them. I think you will learn a lot from the information that is there. I would also love to hear from you as you start this adventure.


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