Discipleship Essentials for Today

- posted by Len Thompson

What does Jesus expect of disciples today? The original 12 disciples lived in a different time, culture and context so we do have to take that into account. But Jesus did commission the apostles to go into all the world and disciple others. What might that mean today?

The disciples listened to Jesus every day. Today we can listen to Jesus every day by reading the living Words of God in the Bible. At Urban Sanctuary you can learn a method that has worked for thousands of people for at least a millennium that has helped folks move beyond an intellectual reading to actually meeting Jesus personally in the text. You can follow with us by following the Office Prayers each week by going to the Online Learning Tab and selecting the Prayers tab. We would love to have you follow along with us to learn one way of listening to Jesus on a dialy basis.

The disciples learned to respond to Jesus in dialogue. A relationship is not a good one if it is only one way but is best when it is a dialogue. Today we can dialogue with Jesus by learning to pray in a way that feels like a conversation with a real person. Prayer does not need to be boring or drudgery.

The disciples developed deep friendships with other disciples.It is difficult to grow into a mature disciple if you are not involved with mentors who can personally show you things that they have learned and support you when you are discouraged. While we can learn a lot of head knowledge from a book or in a classroom there is nothing that compares to real relationship. Spiritual friendships are also very important. A true brother or sister who can walk with you and provide companionship, presence and even friendly and healthy competition is also a common theme in the stories of people who I know are growing to be more and more like Jesus.

The disciples learned the rhythm of life that sustained Jesus. Jesus kept Sabbath and in our busy worlds we may need to learn the rhythm of rest, relationship and celebration that was bred in the bone of every disciple after spending time with Jesus. Today we can learn to keep that rhythm in a similar way.

Next week we will look at several other essentials and then we will go through each one in more depth. Blessings as you follow Jesus!


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