I wonder ... and I weep

- posted by Len Thompson

We will soon be celebrating Palm Sunday...and the story is a strange mixture of joy and weeping. Jesus tells the parade police that the rocks would cry out in joy if the people didn't sing and celebrate so there is no point in stopping the revelry. I wonder how confused the same protester felt when he saw Jesus weeping a few minutes later. What made Jesus weep on such a joyful occasion?

Jesus wept over the religious climate in Jerusalem and Israel. He knew that His Father would bring terrible judgement for the things that had happened and would happen in the next week. The Romans would come in a few decades and blood would run because they had rejected Jesus. While Jesus'death conquered sin, the Father could not ignore what they had done to His Beloved Son.

I weep over Canada. I weep over the Canadian Church because it is not in great shape. By and large we are not listening to Jesus or obeying His words. How can we if we rarely ever read them? Jesus declared to the crowds in John 8: 37 "Yet you are looking for a way to kill me,because you have no room for my word." 

Keep in mind that this is the same crowd that admired Jesus on Palm Sunday. They have quite a history. They love being fed in the desert but don't like Jesus 'sermon in John 6. They are divided in John 8 - some think He is the Christ and others want to stone Him. It takes a committed disciple to follow Jesus right through the story and obey His teaching by going to the ends of the world to make disciples. If the casual onlooker really watched Jesus and heard what He said as He wept, they might understand how deeply He loved His people. He wanted them to turn to Him and He had tried over and over but at that moment there was nothing to be done. So he wept.

I don't know if the Canadian church will return to reading, studying and obeying Jesus' Words. I deeply hope that they will. If you have slipped in your adherence to Jesus' teaching, I hope you will think deeply about this and obey every Word that comes out of Hi mouth. If you don't know how, then contact us. We will be happy to teach and mentor you in this important skill.

But this Easter, I will be weeping, repenting, praying and rejoicing. All at various times. There is no one emotion that covers all of the events of this amazing story.


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