Meeting Jesus Every Day in 2015

- posted by Len Thompson

Jesus is far more than a baby born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago - among many other things He is the Word of God. He can be encountered as we read the Bible because the Son of God speaks to us through the words of Scripture! I don't read the Bible because I can learn a lot from the wisdom contained with or because I love well written prose or even wonderful poetry. I read it because I want to meet God and in those pages I meet Jesus and He guides me in the way to live my life according to His desires.

I have meet many people who struggle deeply with reading Scripture in a way that will speak directly from God to their own hearts. I have found over time that the methodology of the Benedictine monks called lectio divina very helpful in keeping me attuned to the voice of God rather than reading a book written by human inspiration. Over the centuries this methodology has had four, five, six or even seven steps. At Urban Sanctuary, we have found it helpful to dedicate one day a week to one step. If you would like to follow along with us you can go to the on-line learning tab and press the Office Prayers or go to the package of 48 mp4 files that you can purchase to help you get the feel of this methodology. 

Briefly it goes like this: Reverence - Approach Scripture with reverence remembering that you are not simply reading a book but approaching Jesus. Read - read the text as many times as you need to so that you understand what is being articulated. Ruminate - think about what you have read from several different viewpoints; ask questions until the meaning becomes clear and penetrates deep into your mind. Reflect- talk with Jesus in expectant prayer. You might have questions, arguments or thanksgiving to share with Him but it is really OK to answer Him as He has spoken to you..Rest - you can enjoy your time with God and rest in His love, protection and guidance. Learning to rest in the smile of His radiant joy over you is an important part of your relationship with God. Respond - Jesus talks with you so that you can obey His words. There is always a time for performance of the script He is giving you for your life. Reconnect - after being obedient to Jesus take some time to reconnect with God in your favourite pathway. It might be through nature, friends, art, books, helping others or in a time of solitude and quiet but reconnect with the light and life of your deepest soul.

It is my hope and prayer that you will develop the habit of meeting Jesus every day of 2015.


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