More Discipleship Essentials for Today

- posted by Len Thompson

When I think of the disciples and their time with Jesus, I can't help but think about the transformation that each disciple went through. Thomas learned to live from faith, Peter learned to curb his impetuous nature and become a solid leader, and John learned to sacrificially love to the very end instead of patronize his favourite cliques. While we do not know as much about many of the other disciples, we do know that each of them were great leaders in various places around the world after the ascension in ways that none of them had been before being with Jesus. Christ is still a master at character transformation.

If you follow Jesus today, He will point out bad habits and teach you how to extinguish them. Sin matters because it hurts other people deeply and through your growing love and passion for Jesus and plain old discipline combined with the power of the Holy Spirit, Christ will help you turn from old ways. He insist that the old ways be taken off like old rags and burned, never to be worn again.

He will clothe you with virtues so that new habits develop that in many instances will be new virtues that will turn fear into courage, bigotry into humility, hatred into love and a host of other combinations. Most of our bad habits are cured by embracing their antinomies or opposites. We become more and more like Christ in very real ways; we are not doomed to imprisoned in our sin natures forever.

All of this is mere preparation to follow the calling of Christ to partner with Him in brining in the kingdom of God. While there are many layers to one's calling, we are given the wonder of being able to accomplish the things that He created us to do for His glory. And He always envisions us doing these things effectively and productively.

My plan over the next seven weeks is to flesh out each of these discipleship essentials by applying one whole blog to each one. You might be interested in knowing that Urban Sanctuary has a mentorship program designed to help you ingrain each of these habits so that they become automatic decisions each day of your life. It really is possible and you can have a personal mentor help you in this pursuit!


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