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- posted by Len Thompson

If you didn't notice, the web page is a bit different from yesterday. Ian Thompson has put together a whole new site that has most of the content from the previous site but it is arranged in a way that we hope will be easier for you to navigate. It also should work better on whatever browser you are using, which was a problem with the old site. Ian is leaving for an internship in Canada's north tomorrow and so we ask for patience as we fix up a few little things over the next couple of weeks. If you like the new site, please feel free to send your compliments to

Office Prayers are now under the tab: Online Learning. I know: it is a change but we needed to clean things up and make them more effecient. You will get used to it very quickly. I believe in you!

As we go forward this fall, we want you to know that we have rooms available for prayer retreats, Just call and book a time - I am convinced God will show up if you do and that you will be blessed. There are spiritual directors, both male and female, that have some space to see you - I am convinced that the guidance you receive will move you closer to God. We also have room at our directed prayer and "Telling Your Story" retreats - and I think you will find that the process of registering on line will work a whole lot better. Try it out - I dare you :-) 

If you would like to pray for our ministry (we do believe in prayer) I will be doing a retreat in Guelph with SIM Canada that kicks off a mentorship cycle this coming week. I would so appreciate your prayers as it is a lot of teaching as we learn 7 habits that will make us effective disciples. Watch for those habits on the blog over the next couple of months!


Len Thompson


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