Reading Jesus' Words with Purpose

- posted by Len Thompson

For too many years, I've read the Bible without any real purpose; it was just something I should do. I was not mindful as I read. Now that I've been using lectio divina it has beccome clearer to me that on Sundays I read with a mind filled with reverence, on Mondays I read to understand, and I approach Tuesdays with the intention of using my imagination so that the reality of the passage will sink deep into my soul. Wednesdays are when I talk heart to heart about what He is saying to me and on Thursdays I let Him hold me and take away my fear. Then Fridays are designated for action because I am ready to go in obedient love and on Saturdays I reconnect with Jesus in one of my favourite ways and we think about the change that His Words has made over the whole week.

Scripture is no longer puzzling because I can focus on practical touch points each day. God is becoming more and more real in every day life as He transforms my heart with a story or wisdom that brings life to my tired soul. No wonder the Psalms liken Scripture to a river that keeps a tree healthy even in the deepest dry spell.


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