SD Streamline

- posted by Len Thompson

You may have guessed by now that most spiritual directors are not gifted administrators. In fact this has always been an issue for Urban Sanctuary since our beginning. From time to time we have wondered what can be done to streamline things.

We think we may have an answer!

Have you heard of market gardens that sell shares in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)? The idea is that if you buy a share in the farm then you are entitled to a weekly box of produce every week over the summer. If it is a bumper crop then you will have more than if it is a drought year so you share in the rewards and also a little bit of the risk.But the exciting thing from my vantage point is that you buy a membership and then don't have to make payment each time you get some market products. It sounds simple to me!

So we got to thinking! What if those who come regularly for spiritual direction could pay for the year and then not have to pay each time they come for spiritual direction? To begin our experiment, we would like to have this available for those who come to see Len and Mark. You can sign up for $1000 for the year and this allows you to book monthly sessions without the hassle of making payments each time you come. It also means that you can more or less book sessions whenever you want - as long as there is space in Len and Mark's calendars. This of course will be limited to the first 50 or so people who sign up. You also can give this to a pastor or friend who you think will use it.


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