Summer and Canadian Christians

- posted by Len Thompson

When summer comes in Canada, we love to get out and enjoy the sun and the heat because we live so much of our lives in the cold. That makes a whole lot of sense without even thinking about it. God's creation is a great teacher if we take some time to listen to what the birds, the animals and flowers and the other aspects of nature can teach us. Here are a few things that I have noticed that I thought you might like to think about.

1. There is a whole lot of beauty that God creates that humans rarely ever see. As my wife and I were travelling through northern Ontario we often would go for miles without seeing another human being and yet we would see lake after stunning lake, forests upon forests, flowers and more flowers, birds chasing other beautiful birds, and deer jumping for sheer joy. God doesn't seem to be too worried about whether he gets credit from humans for the beauty He creates. While we often blame Him for the evil we bring upon this earth, often He does not get credit for great swaths of beauty that comes year after year without anyone noticing. It reminds me that it is pleasing to God when I do the best I can even when no one else notices or seems to care.

2. Created beings seem to know their place in the creation and are content. During a thunderstorm in a tent, I heard birds singing with joy. They didn't seem to mind that God decided to send rain; instead they seemed to know they were to sing and do things that birds do. They were not discontent but did their jobs well as birds. I pondered my habit of being discontent with the things that probably reflect my own greed and lust for power and decided to let the birds teach me to know my place as a human and stop trying to be God. Maybe I would sing a lot more often.

3. Nature accepts whatever God brings along and makes the best of it. Some of the places we visited were places we had not seen for years and I marveled at how many times nature reclaimed things that humans had taken from nature. Forests that had been burned through human carelessness were now 12 feet high mature trees. Old roads were gone and a forest was in its place. Old abandoned buildings often sported moss and flowers growing in places where nothing had been allowed to go before. Polluted lakes were now clean. And in some places mines scarred what used to be beautiful forest land. While man does a lot to hurt this beautiful world God has given us, more often than not nature reclaims some of the awful things man attempts to do this world. At the same time many forest fires are started by lightning, floods change the lay of the land and predators feed on other animals. God seems to have other priorities than humans and what we often think of as disaster is an important part of the bigger picture that God has in mind. I was reminded that I can learn to trust God with my future. If it seems like a disaster, God will redeem it; if it is beautiful, it is a gift to enjoy.

I hope that you will enjoy the beautiful world God has given to us and learn from the things God has made. 


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