Urban Sanctuary House

- posted by Ian Thompson

Hello! It is good that you have stumbled across the Urban Sanctuary front page. Let me invite you into the rest of the Sanctuary as there is far more here than our front door.

You could think of our Sanctuary as a house with four floors. The main floor is foundational and called, “Sacred Life.”  On this floor you will encounter ways to embrace God in all of life. Here, you will find ourblog, some daily devotionals, prayers and articles on how you can see God in all aspects of your life.

On the second floor, “Sacred Relationships” you will look for the image of God in others. God comes to us not only through prayer, Scripture and circumstances but also in the people who bear the image and mind of Christ. On this floor, you will have an opportunity to deepen the relationships God has designed to help your spiritual life grow strong.

Keep going to the third floor, “Sacred Space,” because God desires you to experience Him with undivided attention. Most of us find it hard to focus all of our desires, hopes and goals towards Him but the deeper our intimacy with Him grows the more single-minded we become.

The top floor is “Sacred Character” which is a culmination of the first three floors, where you exhibit the life of Christ by the character that has been formed in you. The calling God has designed for you and becoming the man or woman who can carry out that calling are the occupants of this fourth floor. Get to know them well.

We encourage you to walk around the Urban Sanctuary and enjoy the things that you find here. Come back and visit often, start a dialogue and may God give you the peace that you deeply desire.  Watch out! The Sanctuary is always changing and growing so you will likely see more things as you explore.

Len Thompson


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