Week two of my Bible Reading Adventure

- posted by Len Thompson

I have been able to keep going every day without missing but it has not been without its challenges. One thing is that I have not always felt well and it is a whole lot harder to keep focussed when your body is not co-operating. I also have had to change my cue several times because the place where I wanted to read Scripture was not always available. But I was prepared for the fact that obstacles would come and had already decided that it was OK if my first plan did not work out. So I have now used 4 different locations and it is OK if I have to change the location again a few times.

I've also had to sort out the fact that sometimes I have forgotten to put my journal in the computer bag but I improvised. I wrote my responses to God on similar sized paper and then stapled them later into my journal. I have had this problem before where I decided to wait another day until I had my journal but one missing day easily turned into a missing week or even month.

So if you are on the journey with me, remember that one missing day is not a reason to give up. It is better to get going again because you want to embed this habit, than to let something overcome you. Learn from what happened and get going again. Better to read 50 days out of 60 than 10 days out of 60. Everything that you do in the right direction is progress! God loves it when you show up. Put a smile on His face and listen and talk with Him. It is way better than guilt.

Oh, and did I mention that the chocolate helps. It is such a small thing but sometimes that is the tipping point. I think, if I come up with a solution to the problem at hand then I can have the chocolate! Remember your reward. It might be enough to help you win the battle! 


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