What if you could find an experienced mentor?

- posted by Len Thompson

Personal mentorship with someone who has weathered many storms and still loves God, has become Christlike and is passionately and effectively living out their calling is a rare thing indeed. I wish I had that opportunity as a young pastor as it would have helped me keep focussed on what is important and helped me prune a whole lot of nonsense from my life.

Urban Sanctuary does have about 10 spots left in the mentorship program that will begin in May of 2015. If you would like to learn and make the 7 habits mentioned in the past two blogs an integral part of your life then I invite you to email len@urbansanctuary.ca with your interest and I will send you more information on this unique opportunity. It is something that can be done from a distance if you are able to come for a one week residency, where you will meet your mentor, other people in your cohort and learn how to access the on-line portion of the mentorship program.

This mentorship has been tested and it works! Urban Sanctuary can provide you with referenced from people involved in the mentorship at this present time so that you can judge for yourself whether it might be for you.

The biggest difficulty most pastors,leaders and missionaries have when they hear about this opportunity is to come up with the money needed to enroll. If you are interested in providing a scholarship for a deserving participant, please consider the option of a gift to our mentorship scholarship fund. We would love to raise $18,000 for this coming enrolment of mentorees. Would you consider helping us this year.  I believe you will help develop effective and productive leaders that will move the church forward in these difficult days.

If you are willing to pray for our mentorees we would also love to know that and love to hear of your committment. We want to send you regular updates too but we need to have your contact information to send you prayer items to intercede with us for our mentorees.

Thank you for considering our mentorship program.


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